Migration in the Arctic
NSF #:0457662

The central research objective of this proposal is to develop a better understanding of the migration of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. Migration has always been a significant part of the population dynamics in the North. Increased social and economic connections with other regions have expanded the opportunities for migration over time. Our research will examine migration between rural communities, between villages and larger regional centers, and between rural and urban areas. We will examine and compare migration behavior in both Alaska and the Canadian North.
Principal Investigators: Lee Huskey and Matt Berman Researchers:  Stephanie Martin, Lance Howe,
       Wayne Edwards, Jack Hicks, Bob  Hacharek
  Click here for a better view of "Migration in the Arctic: Subsistence, Jobs, and Well-Being in Urban and Rural Communities" a poster presentation by Matthew Berman at the May 2006 ARCUS meeting in Washington D.C.